2013 May

The Neck Breaker “J. Francis Eclipse Gs”

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First I would like to thank the Photographer Adam Gottron for taking time out of his busy schedule and making this feature possible for JDM-Culture, Thankyou.

Now lets move on to the good stuff, Truly a head turner and  something i would like to call the ugly duckling from the eclipse family that not too many people would even consider modifying. The owner  “Joseph”  sacrificed endless time and energy into making his GS the jaw dropping eye candy that we see here today. Read More

Street Sweeper

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Hatchbacks are one of my favourite cars especially when you find them in white, still very popular among the tuners as a most have, the choice of modifications are literally endless when owning one of these bad boys. While attending a local meet i got the chance to meet the owner of this beauty and he agreed to a couple quick shots while the parts list are unknown what is seen visually is still an eye candy. Read More

Meet “Cinco De Slamo” Photo Coverage

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With all the celebration and festivities in the air why not party the way how we know it best, this past weekend on Cingo de Mayo fellow enthusiasts gathered and throw it down from loud music, to raffles and trophy giveaways hosted by the fellas at Lowered Congress brought out the rides that we all like to see, Low and Wide, Tuners, Vip and Stretch and Poke. Over all alot of great cars enjoy the coverage. Read More

Clean and Simple “Bobby Boost” Sti

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Can never go wrong with keeping it clean and simple, in this case less is more. Sporting just a simple drop and rolling on some Privat Accent rims powder coated a bright teal by the good folks over at Intract tires, this Sti is definitely breaking some necks around town. Form >Function Read More