2014 January

Tokyo Auto Salon || Photo Coverage Pt1

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TAS cover

I am very pleased and happy to present to you all coverage from the Auto Show that went down this past weekend in Tokyo Japan and also a major shout out to Yomar Lopez and his connections for making this coverage happen. Since alot of us here are huge fans of the Japanese Auto World, it is only best that we bring full access of the entire show and as always keep checking up on us as we will be dropping more parts from T.A.S Read More

Brian Myers Rotor Glow DC2

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A force to be reckoned with known by many as the Honda-Game which by the way makes up more than 60 percent of imports. With a wide selection to choose from Hondas are one of the most popular and common machines to build. To all die hard Honda owners it was something that brought you into the Honda-Game, whether it was your first cheap daily to commute in or simply having that one friend that took you around the block to feel what v-tec really is, and boy o boy it was all down hill from there. You are now hooked to the adrenaline and excitement that one can experience. Read More