2014 July


Andy Khan evox (The Wrath of Khan)

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The Wrath of Khan

I was very indecisive as to how I should start this article. Maybe elaborate on the history of the Evo and how it became what it is today or take the nostalgic route and tell you what car I had coming out of high school. Then it dawned on me, this car and owner has so much personality that I should just jump right into it and not bore the readers. Read More


StanceNation Dallas Tx || Photo Coverage

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As a fellow gear head myself I know what is to spend hours of preparation before the day of a big event. Last minute cleaning and getting your ride ready is a most. For some it’s preparing to make that long drive that is hours away with fellow friends and family, (ROAD TRIP!!) Pumped up on adrenaline nothing feels better than cruising with your buddies as you make your way down the interstate.

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Unfinished Business || Warren Del Sol

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Amongst the jdm community, the Honda scene is probably the largest and most represented; go to any car show whether it be a jdm showcase, stance meet or even just a general car show, Honda’s will be strewn about at every corner, vtec abound. As a result, building something fresh in a scene so vast is no easy feat, variation is one thing but standing out from the slew of Eg’s , Ek’s and dc2′s modified in every direction is quite the challenge to undertake. Now if you’ve been following jdm-culture for a while you might recognise this Del Sol from a feature we did last year, but for those of you who are new, this is Warren’s 95 Crx Del Sol and, from all accounts, his modifying journey over the last year has certainly not been easy.

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