2014 November 15


Straight From the Source || Subaru Impreza WRX STI RA

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Now, as I sit here writing this latest piece for you all to enjoy reading, I have a bit of an inner conflict brewing as how to start this off. On the one hand I could go in depth about the Impreza’s history: how Sainz and McRae tore across continents in world rally iterations of the scooby in the 90′s; how this is a 4wd rally car for the road, how the evo/impreza battle of the 90′s waged on in the stages and the street, so on and so forth, overused cliche after overused cliche, I’m even guilty of doing this myself. But, perhaps for a change, I’ll just save you from the history lesson and get to the point. This is owner Richard Duwel’s 1999 GC8 Impreza Sti RA limited and, I’ll be straight, it’s bloody awesome.

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