2015 July


Touge Runner || Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-Spec

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Okay boys and girls, admittedly we’ve been teasing you all with Skylines over the past couple of months: we’ve showcased some pretty amazing R33′s with some fairly serious modifications but, for me at least, this is the big one. Whatever your Skyline preference, there’s no denying that the R34 garners the most attention, both good and bad. Its’ situation in the U.S. is tumultuous to say the least, with an illegal Grey imports business resulting in the R34 becoming outlawed, it’s infamous in the truest sense. However, despite all of the bureaucracy and red tape, the R34 is more than a middle finger to the suits and briefcases: it personifies affordable supercar-beating performance in arguably one of the most attractive packages ever to come from Japan.

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