What are we about?

JDM “Japanese Domestic Market”

We are here to showcase all Japanese makes and models that are about that “Simple and Clean” look and feel that us JDM enthusiasts like to see.

This is nothing new, it has been around for years and has gravitated around North America and all other countries in general. It is about modifying while maintaining the ORIGINAL PHYSICAL aspect of the vehicle and keeping it true to it’s origins or (OEM) as we all know it. In many countries outside of the U.S these vehicles come directly from Japan but in the U.S and Canada alot of makes are manufactured within the U.S and Canada to suit and meet the needs of regulations in North America, resulting in alot of parts being changed or missing from its true japanese counterpart.

Japan is well known for its performance enhanced vehicles and as car enthusiasts this is what we all like and go to far ends out of our way to find the rear parts to add to our builds and give it that feel of a true import,

Examples of what is considered clean and jdm inspired.



We are not about Big cromed out rims and obnoxious body kits!

JDM Culture

We all have one thing in common and that is the love and passion for cars if not then you wouldn’t be here, to some this is just a hobby and to others it’s a way of life, but in a nut shell it’s a Lifestyle that we all love weather it is simple modification to hardcore engine building and competition.

Some like the idea of a more V.I.P look (less functional) and build more of a show car I.E crazy stance and cambered out, Slammed to the ground, while others take a more functional approach and build race/track cars or just a fun fast car to toy around with, Here at JDM Culture you will see it all as it is all part of the growing lifestyle and car culture.

We appreciate everyone supporting,  following and subscribed to us.

With that being said I hope you all have a better understanding of what JDM-Culture is all about.