Adree Hamid R32 in Disguised s30 240z

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S30 240 Z-9

We draw inspiration from every direction when building and executing our art forms, Every build is unique and when completed reflects the hard work and dedication that was put in. This 240z infront of you is not your average s30 chassis but that of a BNR32 GTR, or the Nissan R32 as many like to call it.


S30 240 Z-12

Residing in Brunei which is located on the island of Borneo (South east Asia) this has been a almost Decade long project between a father and son that was started in 2005.

Growing up as a child and watching his father owned a 240z in the 70s Adree was inspired to take on the challenge and go all out with his father to build and restore the datsun back to it’s factory stock condition.

S30 240 Z-10

After bringing the s30 back to life the initial plan was to swap the old motor with a SR20DET but this quickly changed after sourcing a half cut BNR32 GTR with an offer that was too good to be true. The 240z’s are very rear in Brunei and having one with a RB26DET and complete drivetrain has to be the only one in South East Asia.


After almost two years of waiting, due to lack of resources and lots of fabrication the car was finally done in late 2008. Fabrication include welding part of the GTR chassis to retrofit the complete subframe, steering rack, front suspension onto the 240z. Almost every part of the BNR32 GTR was transferred to the s30 chassis including the dash,  master brake cylinder, master clutch cylinder, air-con, ABS, AWD transmission,  front and rear differentials and utilizing the complete suspension.

S30 240 Z-8

All work came to a screeching halt in 2008 with both father and son having their own responsibilities and families to attend too and leaving the car to sit and rust for an additional 2 years. 2010 was the year when Adree decided to pick up on the Build again with the help and support from  friends and family and after another 2 years of restoration and finding parts from all over the world it was finally completed in 2012.

Adree told us the RB26 is still running stock internals with oem twin turbos as a lot of money was spent on restoring the car. Future plans on the z is to rebuild the block with forged internals and go with a single turbo setup. The project has taken almost 9 years and is not stopping anytime soon.This build has taught me a lot of things, one of it is being patient with time and money. Great things don’t come overnight & this build is proof of this. “One part at a time, one day at a time, we can accomplish any goals we set for ourselves” – Karen Casey.

S30 240 Z-11

S30 240 Z-7

S30 240 Z-6

S30 240 Z-5

S30 240 Z-3

S30 240 Z-2

S30 240 Z-4

S30 240 Z-1

Engine bay
1990 BNR32 GTR
R32 GTR parts retrofitted to s30 chassis;
- Power steering
- Air-con
- Clutch master cylinder
- Brake master cylinder
- Radiator
- Oem Twin turbos
Aftermarket parts
-Trust Airinx intake
- Elevo & autobahn 88 silicone hose
- Greddy Oil catch tank
- SARD R2D2 blow off valve
- Nismo BNR32 engine and Transmission mounts
- Greddy Extreme timing Belt
- HKS Intercooler
- Custom intercooler pipes
- Bosch 044 external pump
- HKS hi power Ti muffler  with custom 3″ pipe.
- BNR32 GTR front and rear differentials
- BNR32 AWD transmission
- BNR32 slotted front and rear disc rotors and calipers.
- HSD Coilovers (R32GTR)
BNR32 GTR full dash retrofit;
- GTR Battery volt, oil temp & boost gauge
- GTR steering wheel
- GTR foot pedals
- GTR centre console
-Greddy e01 boost controller
- Custom made shift lever
- Pioneer DEH-80PRS head unit
- 240z oem seats
- Custom battery compartment located at the rear passenger seat
- Custom front air dam
- BRE rear wing
- Wide ZG fender flares
- front lens cover
- HID headlights
- Carbon F1 side mirrors
- 280z turbo vents
- Custom graphite black paint
- Rota RKR 5×114.3,
  17x 9.5 et -15 front & 17×9.5 et -20 rear
- Good year eagle F1 directional 5,
  215/45/17 front & rear.