Andy Khan evox (The Wrath of Khan)

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The Wrath of Khan

I was very indecisive as to how I should start this article. Maybe elaborate on the history of the Evo and how it became what it is today or take the nostalgic route and tell you what car I had coming out of high school. Then it dawned on me, this car and owner has so much personality that I should just jump right into it and not bore the readers.

Photos by: Roger B


In july of 2010, Andy Khan received a graduation present that most guys would do anything to get. After working really hard to complete high school, Khan’s parents bought him an Evo X. To all the Subaru fans out there, forget the Subi –Evo feud for a few minutes and read this article as a petrol head. Andy was always passionate about cars; “I would walk around the house making car noises and break apart my rc cars and put them back together,” he said. “I had so much plans for the car but I did not have the money,” that’s a statement most car lovers know all too well. As with any gear head there is always that want or need to work on our own cars, but Andy took it a step further. “I am more of a do it yourself and call it My Build kind of person rather than leaving it at a shop;” he emphasized, so he did what any responsible teenager would do he found a job and enrolled into UTI at the same time. After a few years Khan had saved up enough money to start working on his car.




The build list of The Wrath is so plethoric, it would take a few pages to concisely talk about each and every one so I will summarize. Khan has not one nor two but three sets of shoes for The Wrath; that is six individual wheels. His rims include:

One set of Work xc8 18×8.5 +25 offset bronze/painted gold tires 245/40/18

One set of Work Meisters m1r 18×10.5 +15 in front, +12 in rear gold with polish step lip, powder coated hks purple tires 235/35/18

And one set of VIP Modulars VXS110 hyper white face polish lip 18×10.5 +3 all around tires 225/25/18

This ride takes us over air, sorry just some dry AIRline humor. The Wrath rides on Air ride accuair management with airlift struts and bags and supported by GT Spec strut bar and Whiteline Camber arms. Tune to 350whp at 28psi, this car has as much bang as it does looks. It features ETS 3.5 intercooler, intake and lower and upper intercooler piping, Tial Sport BOV and flange. The Wrath also features Greddy down pipe, Test pipe with welded bung, Greddy SP Elite dual exhaust and DEI inter cooler water spray and solenoid. to bring all of this to a stop, Khan has installed a Brembo Big Break Kit, and coupled it with StopTech drilled and slotted rotors in the front and rear. The exterior has Seibon carbon fiber authentic do-luck trunk, Greddy front lip, Ralliart window visor, Apr front carbon fiber splitter, Rexpeed carbon fiber fender vents

And Rexpeed carbon fiber rear bumper. This is just the tip of the iceberg see the completed build list below.








In all the work Khan has done and all that he has put into it, it seems love and loyalty is what’s most important to him. “Overall I want to thank all my friends and supporters who stood side by side with me and gave me ideas as I began my build. Most of all I want to thank my very sincere girlfriend who not only supported and gave me my time to put this car together; she also contributed and even bought parts for this build.” Not many of us can relate to such an understanding girlfriend. To Khan and so is the same with a lot of car lovers, their cars play a very important role in their lives; “Although it’s been a headache and consumed a lot of time, I developed a bond and love for my car. I cannot thank it enough for taking me everywhere I needed to go and helping me reach my destinations safely.”










The lesson here is; throughout life what is most important are the people and things we encounter and the bond we create with them and how we react with and treat them.


Words By: John Bridge

•Tuned to 350whp 28psi
•Ets 3.5 intercooler
•Ets intake
•Ets lower & upper intercooler piping
•Tial sport bov w/flange
•Greddy test pipe w/welded bung
•Greddy down pipe
•Greddy sp elite dual exhaust
•Act hd clutch kit + flywheel
•Torque solution full shifter bushings
•Aem boost gauge
•Dei front mount intercooler ring with hardline
•Dei intercooler water sprayer with solenoid
• Mishimoto dual big dual oil cooler

•Brembo big brake kit
•stoptech drilled and slotted rotors(front&rear)
•Calipers powdercoated white with black brembo lettering

•Air ride accuair management with airlift struts and bags
•Gt spec strut bar
•White line camber arms

•Seibon carbon fiber authentic do-luck trunk
•Greddy front lip
•Ralliart window visor
•Apr front carbon fiber splitter
•Rexpeed carbon fiber fender vents
•Rexpeed carbon fiber rear bumper
side spats
•Rexpeed carbon fiber fuse box cover
•Rexpeed carbon fiber side skirt extensions
•Rexpeed twin bonnet vent
•Forcewerkz extended carbon diffuser w/custom fins
•Forcewerkz varis style side skirts
•Custom taillight, only one in the us with them
•Password jdm dry carbon fiber engine and spark plug cover
•Password jdm front bumper winglets
Password jdm carbon fiber power steering cover
•Password jdm engine dress up bolts(gold)
• car wrapped in blue

•Ams shift knob engraved with my name/hashtag #andykhanevox
•Carbon fiber shift boot
•Nrg harness bar (titanium)
•Sound-(4) 6in eminence midrange speakers
•10in pioneer shallow sub in factory sub box
•Pioneer bass amp
•O2 amp/midrange
• Rexpeed carbon fiber ebrake handle
•Rexpeed carbon fiber crown meter cover
•Ati Gauge pod + boost/wide band/oil temp
•Takata harnesses
•Recaro reclinable seats
•Custom black/grey/white burberry (designer) trunk
• trim wrapped in 3m carbon fiber wrap

1st wheels •Work xc8 18×8.5 +25 offset bronze/painted gold tires 245/40/18
2nd wheels •Work meisters m1r 18×10.5 +15 in front, +12 in rear gold with polish step lip, powder coated hks purple tires 235/35/18
3rd wheels •VIP MODULARS VXS110 hyper white face polish lip 18×10.5 +3 all around tires 225/25/18


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