Brian Myers Rotor Glow DC2

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A force to be reckoned with known by many as the Honda-Game which by the way makes up more than 60 percent of imports. With a wide selection to choose from Hondas are one of the most popular and common machines to build. To all die hard Honda owners it was something that brought you into the Honda-Game, whether it was your first cheap daily to commute in or simply having that one friend that took you around the block to feel what v-tec really is, and boy o boy it was all down hill from there. You are now hooked to the adrenaline and excitement that one can experience.

Personally coming from a past of my first car being a honda civic I know first hand what it is spending countless hours under the hood seeking performance upgrades and I can’t even count on one hand how many times I have pulled my motor out either for a rebuild project or to do a swap, but this feature is not about me.

Photos by: Mark Eco Photos (Ig: @soiseemark)


Brian Myers repping “Team Blur San Diego” out in SoCal has one of the cleanest well put together teggys I have came across in a while. The mod list on this beauty is as long as my arms.

Words by Brian 

I’ve been into cars a long time, and the first time I felt “pulled” towards an Integra was when I picked up a magazine with a Championship White Type R on the cover.  I bought my Integra early 2002 during high school after my first one was stolen after a month of owning it.  The car has gone through a lot of changes: bolt-ons, nitrous, turbo, body kits, lip kits, wrecking it, rebuilding it, raced it, showed it, to just cruising it and enjoying being in it.  I find inspiration from various things around me and from the culturally rich automotive community that Southern California has to offer, I enjoy it all.   I had to learn everything along the way from just the tools in my garage and I look forward to challenging myself with things I have not tried yet with this car.


Talk about going all out, Autopower 6 point roll cage



Now the average person might just do a motor swap and minor interior and exterior work and call it a day but common, by the looks of things Brian took his build to a whole nother level and went in on a full custom interior, Big Baller status

Carbon fiber dash, Carbon fiber center console, Carbon fiber A pillars, Carbon fiber B pillar panels, Carbon fiber C pillar panels

integra-6Takata 4 point seat belt harnesses











1999 Acura Integra

Rotor Glow Metallic orange paint
JDM OEM Type R front end conversion with black housing headlights
Vis Carbon fiber hood
Vis Carbon fiber trunk
Carbon fiber spoon front lip
Mugen tailgate fasteners
Mugen license plate bolts
Spoon side mirrors
HID 8k headlights
Stanley Side markers

Custom green paint
Bride Pro seats for driver and passenger
Rear passenger seats wrapped in same material
Autopower 6 point roll cage
Takata 4 point seat belt harnesses
NRG steering hub
Carbon fiber dash
Carbon fiber center console
Carbon fiber A pillars
Carbon fiber B pillar panels
Carbon fiber C pillar panels
ACC black looped carpet
Volt and Air tank pressure gauges
Ksport Air Deluxe switches and suspension bag pressure dual needle gauge
JDM OEM Type R gauge cluster
JDM OEM Type R shift boot
JDM OEM climate control, cup holder, cigarette lighter/ash tray, shifter bezel
PasswordJDM shift knob (Green)
Broadway flat rear view mirror
Custom fiberglass audio enclosure (Green)
-Front door panels
-Front lower kick panels
-Rear passenger panels
-Trunk enclosure


Ksport Deluxe Air suspension system
-5 gallon air tank
-Ksport control unit with remote
-Viair 380c air compressor x2
-High pressure air bags
-Ksport shocks
Skunk2 front and rear camber kits
Skunk2 rear lower control arms (gold)
Skunk2 front and rear strut tower bars
Polished C-pillar bar
Beaks rear lower tie bar (gold)

Wheels and Brakes
16” Work Meister S1 wheels with gold face and polished lip
Wilwood brake calipers and rotors
BWR green lug nuts 


Custom green paint
Wire tucked
JDM B18C (type R)
JDM Type R LSD transmission
Skunk2 short shifter
Avid motor mounts (polished)
Injen intake (polished)
Skunk2 Test pipe
Skunk2 intake manifold (chrome)
PasswordJDM radiator stays and bolts (gold)
Password jdm vtec solenoid cover
Mugen oil cap and radiator cap
Blackworks Aluminum radiator with slim fan
Jdm itr header
Aebs Sparkplug cover

Shout Outs:

First and foremost I want to thank JDM Culture for this feature and Mark eco photos for taking the time to come out and shoot my car for this feature, and also
I want to say thanks to Dav San Pedro and Warren Manongdo for helping me through the major changes with the car, and making summers “official” for me when we work on the car.  Thanks to Anthony Joaquin for putting in those late hours with me to get the car ready for where it needs to be.  Thanks to Arnold and the guys at Pann Auto for their help.  Thanks to Justin and the guys at Car Tune for their help.  Thanks to Munoz Customs for the fiberglass work.  Furthermore, a BIG thanks to everyone from Team BLUR, and the various other crews I have met along the way just for making everything enjoyable and going beyond cars.







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    Yooo, my God !! I just fell in love with this car<3 clean af. How much money did u put into the car ?