Built to Slide || Joe 240sx s13

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Every so often we all like to see a drift machine and in this feature that’s exactly what this is, “A Drift Setup” Joe’s s13 screams “Take me SIDEWAYS!” Not so big in the looks department but this machine is fully functional. At a first glance one would think zero fucks was given, but after taking a second look you can see a story is being told.


Ahhhh yes the first Amendment (Freedom of Speech) as we all try to express ourselves through the works of our builds, to be unique and to stand out.





Everything about this car is Raw as Fuck, from the banged out quarters to the hacked up nose job which by the way is a result of smacking a corner wall while drifting.

You might be thinking to yourself how is this car being featured. Well you can stop wondering and just know that it caught my attention in a way of being very unique, and functionality is one of the key aspects with something like this. It’s not always about the good looks but when you really enjoy a particular sport and dedicate your time and energy into it then that really is all that matters.

s13-13“Your girl likes it sideways”

















Words by Joe

I think my dad is my biggest inspiration. The car is completely his fault whether he wants to admit it or not. He got me into cars and encourage me to work on them myself. If he had it his way I would have a muscle car on a drag strip but he likes the drifting. My other inspiration is my cousin Andrew, he took me to my first d1gp event in 2008 and also introduced me to 240s. I guess the culture in general motivates me, people like Reid Frasier with the black instant gentlemen s13 vert and knoop with the green ls1 s14 and the whole 240sx community motivates me to make something cooler. When I bought the car I just wanted a cheap daily drift car. Obviously that went out the window but I couldn’t be happier with the car. Also a big thankyou to Marissa for taking that long ass ride with me in my obnoxious car and to all my boys at Formandslide for everything they help me out with.


-stance gr+ coilovers
-Isis rear camber arms

-poweredbymax tierod spacers

-street sign skid plate
-welded diff
-custom straight pipe to boso pipes
-eBay unknown header

-competition stage 2 clutch and lightweight flywheel
-driveshaft shop lightweight steel driveshaft
-no name wheels I bought on zilvia 15×9 -64 185/55r15
-Silvia front swap with brick headlights and vis carbon fiber hood

-bride low max gradiation seat
-pink godzila steering wheel custom painted
-nrg quick release

-dang drifters front bash bar




  1. so basically, i should get some paint and then ask to be featured. @slideonkais #4x4LOL