Fully Built Turbo K Series

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Meet spongebob, one of the meanest, cleanest and well put together Civic in the East, Built and not bought you can just look at it and tell alot of time and money was invested. I can hear it already, “but it’s only a civic!, No traction!, Fwd what a waste of power.” and the list goes on as enthusiasts battle and rant at each other on what is the better option. When all is said and done it all boils down to our own preference and likes and this is what keeps things interesting no one person is alike.




This is not just all for looks and glamour, or as some would like to say a “Trailor Queen.” Spongebob drives this beast all over and make appearances to meets near and far with the occasional ¬†track sessions best of both worlds if you ask me, track monster and a good daily driver, something we all like to go hand in hand.






What was your inspiration behind the build?

Spongebob response:

My inspiration to build this car came from my b series turbo 4door getting stolen. That was suppose to be my last build. So from there I found another four door. It was first a type r nitrous then I wanted to feel a little “k power” so I went all motor k stock bottom end built head. Still didn’t amount to my b series turbo car. So I had to go boost, found a Brand new Afi turbo kit in jersey so we took the ride pick it up and that night started the fabrications. Couple days later I was k series boosting. After tuned car made 543 on 14lbs it was ok for my daily. Drove it around for about 6 months then I wanted a more reliable set up. That’s when I decided to go fully built everything and it was probably the best thing I ever did. The car made great power and I drive the car daily to school and even to car shows from the deep woods of New York to Jersey.



















































Motor build was done by David (Instagram) @D_BUILT

Rhd Conversion done by joe at Flawless Metal Works. (Instagram) @Flawless_metalworks



K 20 head with stock cams super tech valve train.
K 24 block sleeved by rs machines
Cp Pistons
Pauter rods
Afi Twin scroll sidewinder turbo manifold with dual waste gates
Afi intake manifold precision 62mm billet wheel turbo
Roll cage,Catch Cans and any other fabrications all done by lm24

As street racing is illegal and very dangerous Spongebob asked that we share his video.

To see more of Spongebob check him out on instagram @SPONGEBOB1984