First Class Fitment || “Photo Coverage” Part 1

By 21 October, 2013 Event Coverage Comments

fcf-coverMore popular in the stance scene of things Canibeat hosted their annual First Class Fitment car show at the secluded Princeton Airport in New Jersey. A show where all the Stance Crazies, Wheel Whores, Camber Gangs and Fitment Crew in the game can get their shine on and mingle with the choppers and jets.

I would like to congratulate the canibeat team for pulling off such a successful and well organized event, the location alone was epic and a playground for all photographers to get those ill shots in with the awesome backgrounds.

canibeat fcf-74

canibeat fcf-73


canibeat fcf-70

canibeat fcf-69

canibeat fcf-68

canibeat fcf-67

canibeat fcf-66

canibeat fcf-65

canibeat fcf-64

canibeat fcf-63

canibeat fcf-62

canibeat fcf-61

canibeat fcf-60

canibeat fcf-59

canibeat fcf-58

canibeat fcf-57

canibeat fcf-56

canibeat fcf-55

canibeat fcf-54

canibeat fcf-53

canibeat fcf-52

canibeat fcf-51

canibeat fcf-50

canibeat fcf-49

canibeat fcf-48

canibeat fcf-47

canibeat fcf-46

canibeat fcf-45

canibeat fcf-44

canibeat fcf-43

canibeat fcf-42

canibeat fcf-41

canibeat fcf-40

canibeat fcf-39

canibeat fcf-38

canibeat fcf-37

canibeat fcf-36

canibeat fcf-35

canibeat fcf-34

canibeat fcf-33

canibeat fcf-32

canibeat fcf-31

canibeat fcf-30

canibeat fcf-29

canibeat fcf-28

canibeat fcf-27

canibeat fcf-26

canibeat fcf-25

canibeat fcf-24

canibeat fcf-23

canibeat fcf-22

canibeat fcf-21

canibeat fcf-20

canibeat fcf-19

canibeat fcf-18

canibeat fcf-17

canibeat fcf-16

canibeat fcf-15

canibeat fcf-14

canibeat fcf-13

canibeat fcf-12

canibeat fcf-11

canibeat fcf-10

canibeat fcf-9

canibeat fcf-8

canibeat fcf-7

canibeat fcf-6

canibeat fcf-5

canibeat fcf-4

canibeat fcf-3

canibeat fcf-2

canibeat fcf-1

canibeat fcf-72

canibeat fcf-13