Gil Deliz’s Killa-uea

By 7 April, 2014 Featured Comments
4dr civic-8


They say you can tell a lot about a person based on how they keep their car, well I guess this means Gil is a clean 2000 4Dr Rally Red Honda Civic LX sedan that runs as good as it looks. With that said where do we start? The car is immaculate , the exterior has front and rear bumpers from 96-98 sir as well as a 96-98 sir front lip and folding mirrors. 

Photos by: TJ Chun exclusive for JDM-Culture

4dr civic-16

4dr civic-10

4dr civic-15Inside the care has the same attention to detail as the outside vi-rs front and rear floor mats, seats and door panels, vi-rs armrest with ashtray, type R e-brake, EL center console, type R shift both and a Arc shift knob

4dr civic-12



The dash is EDM spec and features a Honda Navigation System with Gathers TV Tuner and Gathers under seat Sub Woofer, talk about unique but wait there is more. It also has Mugen cluster, racing wheel with horn, pedals and rear view mirror cover.


4dr civic-5

Not only is this car easy on the eye but it also has had work done to both the engine and suspension. Killa-uea rolls on Re barreled Mugen MF7 16x9s wrapped with Yokohama S Drives 195/45/16 all round. 

4dr civic-6


4dr civic-20

Tanabe Sustec Pro Coil overs on all 4 corners of the car along with a purple Beaks bar, Spoon lover tie bar and Skunk2 camber kits give it a tight setup and mean stance. The stopping power was upgraded to Spoon 4 pot twin block calipers up front.

4dr civic-3


Last but certainly not the least lets talk ENGINE. We all know that the Honda’s B series is no joke, Killa-uea has a Japanese spec B18 with Mugen intake, headers, polished valve cover as well as Skunk2 intake manifold and Honda intake manifold gasket. 

4dr civic-11


4dr civic-7


The brain of the operation is a Honda S300 plug and play module in the ECU. To cool down all that HOTNESS, a C&R radiator is used along with Spoon radiator hoses.
Having a car that is not only catching, but fun and practical with some power under the hood for those days when you just want to put your foot down I feel this is what Gil has accomplished with this ride.

4dr civic-2

4dr civic-1



  • 96-98 sir front/rear bumpers
  • 96-98 sir front lip
  • 96-98 honda access rear lip
  • sir folding mirrors with switch
  • type R grill
  • Ek sir headlights w/city lights, hids
  • Mugen wing
  • Honda Access muffler SO4


  • Tanabe Sustec pro Coilovers
  • Purple Beaks bar
  • Spoon lower tie bar
  • 96 type R 4×114 front and rear conversion
  • Spoon 4-pot twin block calipers
  • Skunk2 camber kits
  • Rebarreled Mugen mf7 16×9
  • Yokohama S Drives 195/45/16


  • Front and Rear VI-RS seats
  • Front and Rear VI-RS door panels
  • VI-RS floor mats
  • VI-RS armrest with ashtray
  • Type R e-brake
  • EL center console
  • Type R shift both
  • Arc shift knob
  • EDM dash with extra vent and navigation console
  • Gathers tv tuner
  • Gathers sub under seat
  • Type R kicker panels with flare
  • Ek rocker panels (hood, trunk, gas release RHD)
  • Mugen cluster
  • Mugen steering wheel racing III w/horn
  • Mugen pedals
  • Mugen rear view mirror cover


  • Japan spec GSR
  • Hondata s300
  • Skunk 2 intake manifold
  • Hondata intake manifold gasket
  • Mugen intake
  • Mugen headers
  • Mugen valve cover (polished)
  • Mugen gen. 1 oil cap
  • Mugen radiator cap
  • Mugen licence bolts everywhere
  • C&R radiator
  • Spoon radiator hoses
  • Spoon spark plug wires
  • SIR fuse cover

Words by: John Bridge