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As an auto journalist, I am always on the look out for the unique and the unusual, something that says “Im different yeah im different (2 Chainz voice).” Ask any true car fanatic and they will tell you that Hotwheels was their start to a life long passion or the Petrol Abyss. Ivan Mejorado is no exception to this; his passion for wagons started with a 2001 Subaru Outback. Even though a Gt Mustang Coupe was his first car, the abundance of space fueled his love for wagons and uniqueness.

Photos by: Jimmy Bui


With that said, Ivan is now the owner of a 2005 bagged Saabaru 92x; Yes I said Saabaru. The Saabaru was GM’s bright idea to make an affordable luxurious all wheel drive wagon. Essentially the car is a 2005 Saab 92x body dropped over a Subaru Impreza wagon chassis. The 92x came with a few power options; initially a four cylinder 2.5 liter 165hp (173 hp in later models) or the turbo charged four cylinder 2.0 liter 227hp version, both were boxer engines. In later turbo charged models, they upped the power to 230 by slapping on a turbo to the bigger 2.5 liter four cylinder boxer engine.

Dubbed The Sand Goat, Ivan named the car after the license plate frame that he got with the car. Even before finding the car on Craig’s list he had already decided to go the low life, bagged, low is good slammed is better and in the words of the great Moog “pure Awesomeness.” Lets pause for a second and bask in the beauty and originality of this Saabaru and observe the subtle yet tell tail sings of, what I believe to be, one of the most unexpected and wonderfully unique collaborations ever in the history of car company collaborations.

Ivan rounded up a few of his friends and started a group called Wagonsteez, a great collection of wagons from old to new with and has Saabaru, Subaru and even Audis. According to Ivan, this is just the tip of the ice berg. The Sand Goat has some Go Fast Bits done to it; Ivan added a GFB blow off valve, and some stickers that ads on about 40 Mighty Car Mods Horsepower. The Saabaru also has the Tanabe Medalion Touring exhaust that lets out just as much as air as the AEM CAI can suck it and delivers an exhaust note that Beethoven him self would use in the remake of his Symphony 9. On the inside of this beautiful beast,Ivan replaced the front seats with 04-05 USDM STi seats. The outside speaks for itself; Rotiform NUE’s 17×8 on each corner and stanced with Airlift performance struts, Accuair management and E level done by the guys over at #becausebags. Why you ask, #becausebags, because speed bumps are overrated and definitely because being normal is just out right boring.

All I can say is, from one car enthusiast to another, The Sand Goat is BAAAAAAD in the best way possible, showing that being different can work and that going with whats normal, sometimes just does not work. 

Mod List:
-Tanabe Medalion Touring exhaust system with an AEM cold air intake
-GFB blow off valve
-USDM 04-05 front STi seats
-Airlift performance struts with Accuair management and Elevel done by #becausebags
-Rotiform NUE’s 17 by 8 et 30 all around​




Words By: John Bridge


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