Nicholas Johnson “Red Devil” || MK-IV Supra

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jr supra-7 Now as I’m sure virtually every car enthusiast will be aware, JDM fan or otherwise, the Toyota Supra is one of the great 2 door RWD coupes to come from the land of the rising sun. In stock trim it is a supremely capable and fast car with the MK IV probably being held in the highest regard amongst fans and road testers alike. The base platform with the now legendary 2JZ engine is also one of the most versatile for modifying with a breadth of ability few cars can match: drifting, drag racing, time attack, daily drivers and, as with the red monster here, ridiculously quick street builds.

Photos by: Roger B exclusive for JDM-Culture

jr supra-27

Here are the headlines: This supra produces 953 horsepower and 797 foot pound of torque at the wheels, yes at the wheels! That is will over 1000 hp to the crank with more planned apparently. Insane? You might say so. That’s around 4 times the stock power and with more to come; this really is one insanely quick machine.

jr supra-28

The engine has been extensively re-worked by Florida based Induction Performance, a company specialising in simply making a car go as fast as damn near possible. The pistons have been swapped for a forged set with a 9:5:1 compression ratio in order to upgrade power and to accommodate the higher boost pressure from the turbo. Induction Performance has also improved the engine air flow with a custom ported head, somewhat essential when building very high output engines.

jr supra-1

The engine internals have been further strengthened with a set of heavy duty Carrillo conrods estimated to handle up to 1600hp, GSC S2 camshafts and a Ferrea valvetrain in order to increase the engine output and to withstand the higher stresses of the re-worked 2JZ engine. A Weldon fuel pump and enormous 2150cc FIC fuel injectors have also been fitted to supply the engine with enough fuel and improve the spray pattern while a Weldon fuel pressure regulator ensures the fuel flows as it should. I think you can tell by now just how meticulous this engine build is, these modifications aren’t strictly power based but mainly to keep the car as reliable as possible when firing over 1000hp at the rear wheels.

jr supra-25

The power upgrades come courtesy of a Precision 6766hp T4 1.15 turbo, these are known to spool quickly for their size and produce great power gains, a popular choice amongst Supra owners looking for large horsepower outputs. A Hypertune intake manifold has also been fitted and a custom dual wastegate manifold with twin TiAL wastegates and a TiAL blow off valve to ensure airflow to and from the turbo is as efficient and reliable as possible, while a 3.75″ Apexi gt spec full turbo back exhaust ‘canon’ completes the flow upgrades: and yes, I’m certain it’ll be loud. The engine upgrades meanwhile are controlled by a Pro 128 engine management system by ProEFI: a proper dyno tune and map is probably the most important part of any performance build; a piston on the outside of your engine are what nightmares, and bankruptcy, are made of.

jr supra-4

Ignoring the technical specs for just a moment and focusing on the aesthetics behind the power, I will say the engine bay is one of the cleanest I’ve ever seen on a supra, it’s eye catching to say the least but one you can tell is maintained with an intense attention to detail. Every inch is gleaming with chrome detailing and immaculately polished brightwork. It really is something.

jr supra-26

Now it’s all well and good building an engine which produces over 1000whp and nearly 800lbft of torque, the challenge is nailing the power down on the road and getting the wheels to actually move, no easy feat by any means. To accommodate the vast power the Supra has a TRD limited slip differential to distribute the torque between each of the rear wheels appropriately, the rears will surely still light up with little effort but it’s driveable all the same, well probably. Meanwhile a heavy duty Rps Billet carbon clutch is mated to the stock German made Getrag 6 speed manual, a pretty strong gearbox in its own right, but as we all know, lots of power can make weaker clutches disintegrate quickly so the upgrade was a necessity.

jr supra-14

Finally for the performance side of this monster Supra are the super sticky Toyo R888 semi slick tyres on the rear corners, they provide monstrous dry grip once warm and are mainly designed as a track day tyre being as slick as the law allows; they’re probably more necessary to get the power to the road than for outright grip in this instance though. For the front corners we have more road based Toyo T1R rubber, providing balanced wet and dry grip with far less wear than the rears, ideal for a street driven car.

jr supra-3

The tyres themselves are wrapped around 18″ adv10 track spec wheels beautifully finished with brushed centers and inners with a clearcoat that really brings out the gloss and shine of the alloy, while the lips have been thoroughly polished to provide a subtle two tone effect. Small details like these really set this Supra apart; I’m sure you’ll agree it looks clean.

jr supra-19

Now the exterior of the car as you can see is as stock as is possible, there isn’t an aftermarket body panel in sight here and that’s a good thing. There’s always the temptation when building a car with colossal power to make the exterior as lairy and loud as the car itself by fitting lots of pseudo racing paraphernalia. You know the type; huge body kits with splitters, diffusers and sharp edges at every angle and with a wing larger than most park benches. This is fine for a track car, but for a daily road machine it makes you look a bit silly. You’re not hammering around Laguna Seca, you’re driving at 55 on a main road or sitting stationary in town, waiting for the traffic to edge forward.

jr supra-16

The Supra has a simple sweeping body and great lines in standard trim, some body kits are fine don’t get me wrong, but the fact the exterior is so stock makes it look clean and adds a layer of stealth to the car. It garners less attention from the police, well unless you’re sideways past one I guess, and the unassuming looks would give anyone on the road a big shock if you decided to drop a cog and floor the throttle.

jr supra-9

The Supra also sits at a sensible ride height which is another big plus for a road driven car, I’m sure anyone with a low car will know the pain of scraping the front bumper on the kerb or hitting a hole in the road at speed; the end result is lots of swearing and the occasional tear or two. Practicality is still a major factor and results in the car remaining driveable on the road.

jr supra-10

The Induction Performance Toyota Supra then; a meticulously engineered street build with an insane amount of power and torque but still with driveability in mind. I have no doubt the top speed will be upwards of 200mph and 0-60 close to 3 seconds, but Mid range acceleration will be the defining factor for this Supra as a road machine. The clean, unassuming exterior oozes class with little details to make the car stand out while still subtle enough to remain clean and stick to the JDM philosophy. A superb street built Supra all round.

jr supra-13

Words by: Callum MacHugh – @callummcq

Built by Induction performance and M&S performance

Tuned by Alpha @induction performance
* Induction Performance built 3.0L
* Induction Performance spec 9.5:1     pistons
* Induction Performance ported head
* Carrilo rods
* Ferrea valve train
* GSC S2 camshafts
* ProEFI Pro 128 engine management system
* Weldon 2345 fuel pump
* Weldon fuel pressure regulator
* Hypertune intake manifold
* Tial blow off valve
* FIC 2150cc fuel injectors
* Precision 6766HP T4 1.15 turbo
* Custom dual wastegate manifold  w/ 2 tial 44m waste gates
* 3.75″ Apexi gt spec exhaust
Trd diff
Rps Billet carbon carbon clutch
Stock 6speed getrag
ADV 10 Track spec
Brushed Centers and Inners with Clearcoat, and Polished Lips
Tires: Toyo T1R 265/35/18 Front
Toyo R888 315/35/18 Rear