Scraping Daily || Blayton Webster SC 400

By 4 October, 2013 Featured Comments


It is about the closest alternative one can have to owning a Supra minus all the performance upgrades from the factory. Might not had came the way you wanted it but in a tuners world this body was perfect to drop the ever so popular 2jz motor and boost the crap out of it, In a Tuners World!! but not Webster he is more of a conservative low and slow driver. I have observed and witness first hand as he cruised down the street swerving from every man hole in sight as though a drunk driver was behind the wheel and watching fellow motorists give him the finger as they rolled by.


Equipped with the stock 1UZ V8 not much was done to motor besides the basic bolt-ons such as a cold air intake

sc400-7Wise front lip to give that extra aggressive look with about half of an inch clearance it literally scrapes down the entire freeway with the smallest dips and inclines, no wonder he takes it off for everyday driving only leaving it on for occasional meets and events.

sc400-9Megan carbon fiber roof spoiler painted to match that flawless body.



sc400-10LS 400 brake calipers along with cross drilled and slotted roters













Interior: Toyota Supra MK4 oem black leathers

Wheel and Suspension:

Varrstoen ES2 18 x 9.5 + 12 offset front & 18 x 10.5 + 15 rear

Megan LP coilovers (1 piece)