4dr civic-8

Gil Deliz’s Killa-uea

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They say you can tell a lot about a person based on how they keep their car, well I guess this means Gil is a clean 2000 4Dr Rally Red Honda Civic LX sedan that runs as good as it looks. With that said where do we start? The car is immaculate , the exterior has front and rear bumpers from 96-98 sir as well as a 96-98 sir front lip and folding mirrors. 

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OC Meet || Video Coverage

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Oc meet-1The OC event was a success and a huge turn out shoutout to to everyone that was in attendance and also once again a huge thankyou to Mike Dasilva for providing us all with great video coverage, so sit back relax and enjoy the video, leave some feedback if you just saw your ride.

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Wekeast part 3 “Photo Coverage”

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I had so much fun covering Wekfest East. The day just wasn’t long enough, I hope you all enjoyed the photos from this event and what was going to be a 4 part coverage turned out to being only 3 parts due to alot of tossed out photos. If you did not see a photo of your whip I guess it was one of the unlucky ones that didn’t make the cut simply because it may have came out too blurry for display.

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