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Mark Harper || Nissan GTR R33

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Japan, a Country known for a rich history, honor and culture, after all it is the land of the Samurai. Besides that, in the car world Japan is known for some Gods of the machine world. One in particular in the Skyline GTR. Let it be clear that the current Nissan GTR is often mistaken as a Skyline but it is not…… Nissan only used the R35 chassis name because of the GT-R’s heritage and the GT-R is the current successor to the Skyline GT-R.

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Straight From the Source || Subaru Impreza WRX STI RA

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Now, as I sit here writing this latest piece for you all to enjoy reading, I have a bit of an inner conflict brewing as how to start this off. On the one hand I could go in depth about the Impreza’s history: how Sainz and McRae tore across continents in world rally iterations of the scooby in the 90′s; how this is a 4wd rally car for the road, how the evo/impreza battle of the 90′s waged on in the stages and the street, so on and so forth, overused cliche after overused cliche, I’m even guilty of doing this myself. But, perhaps for a change, I’ll just save you from the history lesson and get to the point. This is owner Richard Duwel’s 1999 GC8 Impreza Sti RA limited and, I’ll be straight, it’s bloody awesome.

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The Kanjozoku: Osaka’s Infamous Street Racers

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The famous Kanjo Run, Meet the Japanese street racers who started the whole JDM Culture and inspired the world about what JDM really is. This is real JDM lifestyle that was adopted by the rest of the world to what we now know it as today. A more usdm scene and more stance than anything else. This is the roots of the JDM Culture where performance really mattered.




Azri Subaru sti GDB || Brunei

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The first generation of Subaru Impreza has become somewhat of an icon among car enthusiasts, engraved into the minds of those who witnessed the intense battles waged in the stages of world rally with the likes of Colin McRae and Carlos Saintz at the wheel in the Japanese domination era of rally in the 1990s. The first generation shape matured well over its 8 years in production, culminating in arguably some of best looking Imprezas in 22b and rb5 guises; however when the second generation “bug-eye” was launched in 2000 it caused quite a controversy, it looked polarizing to say the least and, if you ask even the Subaru faithful, it has a cult following not universal acclaim.

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