Touge Runner || Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-Spec

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Okay boys and girls, admittedly we’ve been teasing you all with Skylines over the past couple of months: we’ve showcased some pretty amazing R33′s with some fairly serious modifications but, for me at least, this is the big one. Whatever your Skyline preference, there’s no denying that the R34 garners the most attention, both good and bad. Its’ situation in the U.S. is tumultuous to say the least, with an illegal Grey imports business resulting in the R34 becoming outlawed, it’s infamous in the truest sense. However, despite all of the bureaucracy and red tape, the R34 is more than a middle finger to the suits and briefcases: it personifies affordable supercar-beating performance in arguably one of the most attractive packages ever to come from Japan.

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The Jaded One || Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R

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Yes we’re once again coming at you straight from Japan, continuing our Okinawa series we’re bringing you another Nissan Skyline, but this time it’s a little bit different. The previous two cars from Okinawa we shot, wrote about and presented to you were built and owned by US natives who have settled in Japan after a career in the armed forces. Not to take away anything from those guys, their cars are certainly both awesome, be sure to check those builds out on the site too, but this time we’re featuring a car from a Japanese native. The jdm scene after all is not just the cars but the influence and style from Japan that goes along with it, so this build is perhaps the most indicative of all as to what jdm really is. Read More


Christopher “Tamer of Monsters” MkIV Supra

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Oscar Wilde once said ” Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.”

Edgar Degas also said “art is not what you see it’s what you make others see.”

A gorgeous work of art is exactly what Christopher Calimlim has created with his MK IV supra. Growing up Chris was surrounded by surpas he had Three uncles that owned Supras including two MKII Celica/Supras and on MKIII Supra. Needless to say he fell even more in love with his dream car after watching the first of the Fast and the Furious franchise. Chris was eventually in the financial position to purchase his car after serving in the Hawaii Air National Guard. Stock the car came with 320 hp powered by a US spec twin turbo 2jz. Did I mention it was painted in that incredibly hot Renaissance Red?

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wekfest nj 2014-130

Wekfest NJ | Photo Coverage Part 1

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Wekfest is one of the biggest car shows that is known to deliver. Some of the best elite cars can be expected to be in attendance. If you are a frequent visitor of our website then you would have seen previous Wekfest events covered in different states across the U.S. This east coast coverage held at the New Jersey Convention and Expo Center brought out some of the best of the best from all across the East. People traveled from near and far both car owners to showcase their hard work and builds  and also spectators came from great distance to be apart of this wonderful event. Well planned out show and the atmosphere was that of heaven for a true Gear Head.

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