Sunshine Stance || FL “Photo Coverage”

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Photo Jun 29, 1 09 04 PM

Words by Yomar Lopez

On Saturday June 29th 2013 slammed sedans presented Sunshine Stance in beautiful Daytona, Florida. Minutes from the beach, this was the first successful meet and show by Slammed Sedans. With a great location at Lucky’s sport bar and entertainment center it suits a great location for this event.

With the unpredictable Florida weather the 50% chance of rain did not keep the crowd from bringing out their stanced out cars. 2 hours into the event as the rain came down people gathered inside to enjoy some refreshing beverages and great food.

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Fresh Meet || New Jersey “Photo Coverage” Part 1

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Despite the rainy weather the event brought out all the makes and models that we all like to see, some old school players in the game and  the younger generation all gathered in one location to showcase their hard worked on projects. We all have our own taste and style, some keeping an open mind and others just like to see something of their own interest, whatever the case is this lifestyle and car culture is always about coming together and enjoying what we all love.

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Slammed by the Bay L.I “Photo Coverage”

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With the warm weather finally here lets bring out the toys shall we, yet another chilled sunday evening in the Long Island area and this past sunday we saw it all, I’m talking slammed, scraping, bags, hellaflush,camber, vip, form and function you named it and it was there. One thing i like about this lifestyle is that it has no discrimination. We all share a common love for cars, nothing like meeting new people with equal interests. Read More

The Neck Breaker “J. Francis Eclipse Gs”

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First I would like to thank the Photographer Adam Gottron for taking time out of his busy schedule and making this feature possible for JDM-Culture, Thankyou.

Now lets move on to the good stuff, Truly a head turner and  something i would like to call the ugly duckling from the eclipse family that not too many people would even consider modifying. The owner  “Joseph”  sacrificed endless time and energy into making his GS the jaw dropping eye candy that we see here today. Read More