The Neck Breaker “J. Francis Eclipse Gs”

By 29 May, 2013 Featured Comments



First I would like to thank the Photographer Adam Gottron for taking time out of his busy schedule and making this feature possible for JDM-Culture, Thankyou.

Now lets move on to the good stuff, Truly a head turner and  something i would like to call the ugly duckling from the eclipse family that not too many people would even consider modifying. The owner  “Joseph”  sacrificed endless time and energy into making his GS the jaw dropping eye candy that we see here today.



What Inspired Me?

by: J.Francis

What really inspired me to work on the eclipse was I wanted to do something new and never done! I always see the same thing and wanted to try something new. Most eclipses get a bad rap for being way too “ricey” or too girly, so I wanted to start with getting rid of the bad reputation and keeping that clean oem feel and then working on making it more aggressive and be the first eclipse I knew of to get great rep around town, and redeem  the name of the Eclipse.

 Future Plans? 

For future plans I’m changing seats to recaros with harness, getting a nrg quick release hub with wheel and doing motor tear down and build and hopefully boosting! So make sure to keep on checking!!


Bag of Coil System | Megan Racing Coils
Aero Sport Bags | Four Way Manual Switches | 3/8 lines
5 Gallon Air Tank | 480 VCC Compressor | Twm short shifter Kit
Ralliart eye lids | Halo Fog Lights w/ yellow over lay
Plastidipped front middle bumper and rear trunk area
that blends with the tinted tail lights
Full Aero Lip Kit
Kenwood touch screen double din | 2 12 kenwoods in the trunk
Wheels and Tires
Xxr 521 18×10 front and rear | Nankang 225x35x18


I would love to give shout outs to a few people! First of all my amazing girlfriend who has always stuck through the long nights in the garage and all the money I spend on the car! My soon to be child and whatever it is to make sure  they get out into the amazing car scene at a early early age. My buddy’s mike, Todd and chandler from our group Ohilow for always helping me when ever I don’t get something and A.j for always being able to meet with me for car shoots and taking beautiful pictures of there cars!