Touge Runner || Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-Spec

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Okay boys and girls, admittedly we’ve been teasing you all with Skylines over the past couple of months: we’ve showcased some pretty amazing R33′s with some fairly serious modifications but, for me at least, this is the big one. Whatever your Skyline preference, there’s no denying that the R34 garners the most attention, both good and bad. Its’ situation in the U.S. is tumultuous to say the least, with an illegal Grey imports business resulting in the R34 becoming outlawed, it’s infamous in the truest sense. However, despite all of the bureaucracy and red tape, the R34 is more than a middle finger to the suits and briefcases: it personifies affordable supercar-beating performance in arguably one of the most attractive packages ever to come from Japan.



0nE2aRS4qes5HWM9ne65lNow today’s feature once again comes from the island of Okinawa, just south of mainland Japan, and the owner of this fine machine is U.S. army veteran, and Touge aficionado, Jerome Espiritu: “I was born in the Philippines but grew up in Oklahoma City. I got into cars because my family was always into speed” muses Jerome. “My younger brother used to race Aprilias and Suzukis all around the U.S. whilst my Dad was always tinkering with various cars. One day when I was a young boy, during a vacation to Manila, we decided to buy a Playstation and Gran Turismo. My dad chose a Honda S2000 to race me while I used a BCNR32 Skyline without knowing anything about GTR’s or Skylines. I’m sure my dad let me win but I instantly fell in love with this car. Fast forward, I ended up joining the United States Army. When I received orders to move to Japan, prior to even moving, I instantly bought my dream car, an R34 GT-R”. Even after owning and modifying a supercharged S2000 back in the U.S., Jerome still yearned for the AWD, straight six Nissan; Once you have the itch it seems, you can’t get rid of it and, for Jerome, only an R34 would do.6laIcjoXpD3u4ONow I will categorically state here and now that I also love these cars and have done for years. I’m sure most of you can share in my slight envy, I mean who doesn’t want a fully worked Skyline, right? One thing to note before we get into the meat of the article however: this is not a Nismo Z-Tune Skyline with the rb28 engine, this is a regular R34 GT-R with Nismo body panels. Just in case some of you begin reading about me discussing the RB26 and get furious because” I don’t know what I’m talking about”, I do, and now so do you. Oh and while we’re on the topic of engines, I guess it’d be a good place to begin. I’ve mentioned this before but I think I need to reiterate; the rb26 is, for me, the holy grail of engines. The tuning capabilities are endless and the sound is simply pornographic. The howl of a tuned Skyline at full chat is a magnificent symphony of mechanical prowess and furious spool chatter; basically it’s bloody wonderful. Eager to begin work on the Skyline, Jerome wasted little time starting on the build and soon after landing in Okinawa he was on his way to Speedfactory, a garage located on the southern tip of the island, ready to begin working with some of the local car experts he had contacted prior to moving to the island.9A60IyaNow as is the way with builds like these, the engine specs are very extensive so I’ll be covering all the main parts in detail, but there’s quite a lot to cover so as usual there is a full spec list at the bottom.ATPihXROn to the build. I’ve already comprehensively sang the praises of the RB26DETT in this article, however I will admit, in standard trim, the engine is somewhat underwhelming. Something to note however, this isn’t actually an RB26DETT, well not anymore: it’s now an RB26DET, the single T being the significant difference here. Believe it or not, Jerome decided to ditch the twin turbo factory setup in favour of a single turbo conversion, switching to a Trust GReddy T88H-34D turbo with Trust waste gate, rated to around 900bhp. Jerome originally decided to go for the conversion in order to compete in drag racing but soon discovered the Touge scene on the island was more to his liking: “I primarily did drag racing but instantly fell in love with what Touge is available in Okinawa. Despite having a drag turbo, I did my best to make do with the lag. I would take the same Touge roads to work and practice during lunch”.fZbEnEWjlX9ZTsFurther engine upgrades meanwhile include Tomei Type B Poncams: these are also designed with a profile, presumably a higher lift rate, to allow for peak power as opposed to low to mid-range torque. I presume Speedfactory also worked the head and valve train components to compensate for the drastically altered cam profile. Flow upgrades were then on the agenda with an ARC intercooler fitted along with a Tomei extreme titanium exhaust and HKS turbo funnel, providing greater response and further amplifying the guttural howl of the RB26. Finally for the engine side of the build we’ll focus on the fuel upgrades. Firstly, 1000cc RC Engineering injectors were fitted along with a Tomei fuel rail in order to supply enough fuel to the engine and to improve spray pattern. Further fuel upgrades meanwhile come courtesy of Aeromotive 340 lph in tank electric fuel pump: this can provide greater flow throughout a variety of pressure ranges and can be fitted with little-to-no custom fabrication or wiring. In order to control the fuel, a Tomei fuel pressure regulator has also been installed, and to control everything else the Skyline has been tuned on an HKS Fcon Vpro ECU running at 1.9 bar of boost. The end result is an R34 that’s producing around 750-800bhp and a sound that can cure tinnitus. Yes, I’m going on about it again, sorry.B6IwJhAMk27N5UContinuing the modifications, the drivetrain was next to receive an overhaul. As I’m sure some of you are aware, the Getrag 6 speed manual, used in the R34 and MKIV Supra, is a very strong unit with a capability that far exceeds its’ demands from factory. However, if you’re throwing 800bhp at all four wheels, then some components need to be upgraded in order to cope. The standard bellhousing and gears remain, however an Orc triple plate clutch has been fitted to handle the increased output being shoved through the prop and driveshafts, meanwhile a Nismo flywheel has also been fitted in order to help the revs climb faster and for further reinforcement. All of which is controlled by the ATTESA-PRO awd system in conjunction with an active LSD and the HICAS 4 wheel steering system; I’ve gone more in-depth on these systems in a previous Skyline article so be sure to check that one out if you want more detail.bjp35FOTiUQuTYNow, all of these systems along with the upgraded drivetrain are effective in practice, however they are essentially academic without a proper suspension and tyre setup to allow the systems to work as they were designed. As such, Jerome spared no expense with the suspension and went for HKS Hipermax fully adjustable coilovers along with Nismo strut bars, links and bushes. HKS, while mainly known for their turbo and engine performance parts, actually provide a very good coilover setup for the R34, providing a good balance of grip and suppleness while, if set up sensibly, not ruining your spinal cord. The setup Jerome has gone with is actually fairly tame comparatively to what some go for, with the ride height sensible to allow for driveability while still retaining a low stance; “Form and function” if I were to be a bit clich√©. As for the Nismo components, they are simply good quality parts that provide small benefits and help tighten up the overall feel of the car.DodbZ4FtgMkNKDFinally for the performance side of the Skyline, we have the wheels, tyres and brake upgrades. In order to better stop a car running at 1.9bar and throwing out koenigsegg levels of power, Jerome has fitted Ferrari F50 370mm brembo’s front and rear. Now believe it or not this isn’t as strange is it seems: the F50 brembo’s have a slightly larger piston area than the standard GT-R brakes, however they are easily adaptable with little-to-no alteration needed to the master cylinder and are relatively available with adaptor kits, making fitting them fairly simple. The on road result is greater stopping power, and you can say you’re running Ferrari brakes, if you like to tell people those kinds of things of course. As for the wheels, the R34 is sitting on 18×10 Rays Nismo lmgt-4 alloys, wrapped in Toyo RR 275/35/18 semi slicks. The RR tyres are very nearly as slick as the law allows and have monumental dry grip; the grip in the wet is not exactly ideal but they do disperse water better than some other semi-slicks. The alloys meanwhile are essentially an original Z-tune set and are simple in design yet effective and further muscle out the Skylines’ presence; the black also perfectly offsets the frost silver body of the R34.Y3ihqIiAW3XZIYNow, depending on how you first got into the Jdm scene, you will no doubt have a car that was like an entry point. For me, I grew up amongst cold winters, muddy forests and Impreza’s and Evo’s vying for title honours, with McRae and Makkinen at the helm. However, I know this was not true for many: a rather cringe worthy film (well, in retrospect) with an iconic opening scene involving a silver and blue R34 dashing between traffic seemed to etch the Skyline into the youth of the days’ consciousness more than any car before, or any car thereafter to be quite honest. If you don’t know what film I’m talking about, you probably shouldn’t be reading this article, sorry. The point I’m trying to make is the R34 has probably the most iconic shape of any car to come from Japan, and arguably the best looking iteration was the Nismo Z-Tune. Jerome would appear to share my consensus and has decided to cherry pick various Nismo pieces in order to create something that very closely resembles a Z-Tune, with a little bit of S-Tune thrown in just for good measure.XfPoJnCReTwC9bOEM is the name of the game here and so it’s Nismo virtually all round. The rear valance and sideskirts were standard issue on both S and Z-Tune cars however the front lip – or valance if you prefer – is an S-Tune piece as the Z-Tune had a different front bumper altogether. Parts catalogue aside, the body pieces, while subtle, add a much needed balance to the R34 and further accent the muscularity of the flared arches and wings; my opinion has always been that the rear of the R34 has always been out of proportion, with the overhang being too short, but the Nismo parts address this perfectly. The very iconic bonnet meanwhile is straight from the Z-Tune and really singles’ out this Skyline as something special. Finally, the wing stay has also been changed to a Mines carbon piece which just adds a bit more height and proportion and is adorned proudly with the Nismo sticker. As for the paint, the whole car has been finished in a Frost Silver paint, or ‘Sonic Silver’, from factory and has elements of blue in the silver which really keep the car looking fresh and further accent the lines of the Skyline; In short, it looks stunning.j3PB72aSdDr7jDTime conclude then I guess. Apologies if I’ve been slightly sycophantic throughout this piece, I’ve tried not to be, but this is an R34 Skyline after all. I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this article and seeing Jerome’s journey from coveting to owning and subsequently modifying his lifelong favourite machine. The build has been perhaps one of the more straightforward we have featured, well, as straight forward as these builds go. However, the end result is a Skyline that perfectly encapsulates the character of the original Z-Tune while still having its’ own unique feel. The car has levels of supreme performance that only ‘Hypercars’ can compete with, all the while remaining a daily driver, and you can’t say fairer than that. Next on the agenda for Jerome appears to be acquiring an R35 GT-R for himself and giving his wife the R34 – she’s quite the driver too, so we hear – although there has been talk about doing an RB30 build at some point: we’ll definitely keep you updated if we hear anything more concrete on that.JIgGOGjFinally, a word from Jerome: “I’d like to give a shout out to the skulls, TLE-O, my family and especially my wife. Without these guys I would have never been as motivated to build my car the way I wanted to and/or chase my dreams. Also to Mark Harper, Patrick Lachance, Hiroe Espiritu, Tj Taliulu, and Pablo Orozco, thanks for being the best rivals”.

Words By: Callum MacHugh – @callummcq
Spec List:

Wheels, tyres and Brakes:

Toyo RR 275/35/18
18×10 Rays Engineering Nismo lmgt-4
Brembo Ferrari F50


Hks Hipermax coilovers
Nismo links and bushings
Nismo bars

1000 cc rc engineering
Aero motive 340 lp/h in tank fuel pump
Tomei fuel rail
Tomei fuel pressure regulator

RB26dett (until single turbo conversion)
ARC inter cooler
Hks piping
Trust t88-34d
Hks funnel
Trust waste gate
Tomei Pon cams type B
Hks oil cooler
Orc triple plate clutch
Nismo flywheel
Getrag 6 speed transmission
HKS Fcon Vpro tuned for 1.9 bar
Tomei extreme titanium exhaust
Oil catch catch can/windshield wiper reservoir
Do luck G Sensor

Nismo z-tune hood
Nismo side skirts
Nismo front bumper
Nismo rear valence
Mines carbon rear wing stay

Nismo MFD upgrade
Personal steering wheel
Nismo shift knob