True to it’s origins || Joey Ortiz AE86

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Do you remember your first time seeing the famous ae86? for some it was on the popular tv show “Initial D” for others it may have bin while browsing through tuner magazines and then they are those that had the liberty of having a family member owned one while growing up, but whatever your story is you have come to understand the true value of the Hachi-Roku and why it is so popular in the JDM community.


Photos taken by: Roger Bishop 

trueno -9They say when you really want something you will go to great lengths to achieve it. Joey searched high and low for 3 long months and finally came up with a hit in Puerto Rico. To his surprise it came with working a.c which is very rear in these chassis. This has bin a 2 year project which started in Puerto Rico having paint and all interior work done then it was shipped to New York where the rest of the work was done by Joey himself.

trueno -3Taking on a different approach Joey went with the XXR 530 15×8.5 on Hankook 205/50/15 for a more meaty fitment sitting on Megan Racing V2 coilovers. After being told by friends and fellow enthusiasts that this set up is not going to work for this particular car he went on and did it anyway, and as he should since we all visualize our cars to look a certain way. In this game it’s all about trial and error, do something and if it doesn’t work out how you imagined it then go back to the drawing board and come up with new ideas and try again.

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trueno -14I for one was shocked to see that old stock motor still sitting in this car and was expecting something more like a 2jz or even that F20c. For those of you that don’t know what that is, the F20c comes in the honda s2000 which today seems to be catching on quickly as the choice of engines to swap into the AE86s.

trueno -15When asked why still have that old stocker in there, Joey replied his future plans is to build and boost the crap out of it, I have no better response to this but to say “Right on my brother” now that’s something in the future I can’t wait to see since I personally have a thing for these cars.

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Personally I like the stance on this car, it’s good to see something that isn’t slammed to the ground for a change.

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trueno -10trueno -6Fully equipped with the JDM turn signal lights and bumper lights along with front and rear bumpers imported straight from Japan. trueno -1

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Modifications include:

Camber plates, inner and outer tie rods, front roll center adjuster, tension rods, rear strut tower bar, reinforced links, Techno Toy Tuning – short shifter, steering knuckles, lower control arms, hatch bar, tvis delete plate, front Y strut tower bar, Exedy stage 2 clutch, Godspeed 4 link set and sway bars, Apex steel braided brake and clutch lines, cross drilled rotors, CX Racing – race header and exhaust.


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Any special shout outs?

My father because with out him this project would not have been possible, he helped me find the car in P.R

Yuyo interiors for the work done to the interior. Efrain auto body for the great paint work. Taki at CMS Racing for the exhaust fitment help and lastly my team Facin Reality Auto Club and to anyone i forgot my apologies.



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