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Amongst the jdm community, the Honda scene is probably the largest and most represented; go to any car show whether it be a jdm showcase, stance meet or even just a general car show, Honda’s will be strewn about at every corner, vtec abound. As a result, building something fresh in a scene so vast is no easy feat, variation is one thing but standing out from the slew of Eg’s , Ek’s and dc2′s modified in every direction is quite the challenge to undertake. Now if you’ve been following jdm-culture for a while you might recognise this Del Sol from a feature we did last year, but for those of you who are new, this is Warren’s 95 Crx Del Sol and, from all accounts, his modifying journey over the last year has certainly not been easy.

Photos by: DSNPZ Photography
DEL SOL PURP-2The original article on Warren’s Del Sol was mainly a photo showcase so this time we’ve decided to go more in depth on what’s been done and how it sits in the Honda scene. A little bit of history though; soon after the original feature went live on the site, after leaving an imports meet the vtec kicked in, erm sorry, and Warren unfortunately crashed the car, and as a result it was no longer usable as a feature car. Not feeling too disheartened, a new build was in the works and an fd3 RX7 was purchased along with a large selection of parts ready for the new project. The car was fully built up and completed within 5 months but bad luck struck again and, during a dyno run, 891whp and 701ft.lb ripped the transmission to pieces and the car was eventually sold. As such the Del Sol was brought out of hibernation and work recommenced on the build; “Unfinished Business” as Warren describes it.
DEL SOL PURP-3Now the spec list here is nearly as long as the article itself so I’ll try and give you guys an overview of the main mods because there’s honestly too much to fit in one write up; it’s one extensive build so full specs are at the bottom.
DEL SOL PURP-12To the build: the Del Sol retains the original B16a3 motor with wire tuck to keep the engine bay clean, with extensive flow upgrades to unlock the full potential of the 1.6L Vtec unit. An AC autotechnic intake has been fitted along with Custom 2 ½” Piping, Custom test pipe, DC 4.2:1 ratio header and a Megan, no not Mugen, exhaust providing better low end response and the signature warble of a modded vtec unit. A variety of skunk2 parts have also been fitted including a pro series intake manifold and 70mm throttle body further increasing flow and providing better low end pickup; meanwhile a Skunk2 brake fluid Reservoir cover and camshaft seal help prevent nasty fluid leaks and add a little cosmetic touch to the engine bay.
DEL SOL PURP-6Now it’s a known fact vtec engines are notoriously peaky, torque below 5000-6000rpm is lacking to say the least, so to solve this an RS type vtec controller has been installed. This changes the calibration, sorry to get a bit geeky here for a second, of when the low to high cams kick in, in this case at a lower rpm. This is a somewhat debated mod but with the right supporting modifications it can increase low-end torque by setting the rpm threshold lower. These modifications are probably some of the most effective at increasing engine output without doing a forced induction conversion. To control all of these changes, A P28 ecu with a mugen program has been installed along with a warlbro fuel pump and B&M fuel pressure regulator to ensure the fuel flows as it should; meanwhile a BWR aluminium radiator and fal slim fan keep the under bonnet temperature in check.
DEL SOL PURP-16Finally, to complete the powertrain upgrades an Act Street Clutch with Act flywheel has also been mated to the stock Honda Gearbox; the engine isn’t pushing out insane power but the stock clutch would have difficulty handling the higher power without slipping and the lighter flywheel will improve engine response with the rpm’s certainly climbing quicker. The other upgrades to the engine are mainly aesthetic and I have to say, the engine bay is immacualte; the fit and finish of all the small details with the polished brightwork really adds up to make up a stunning looking bay, it’s just uncomplicated and clean.
DEL SOL PURP-9Now it’s fair to say Honda’s get somewhat of a bad rep amongst those in the jdm community, and this is a shame because they’re very capable cars with lots of modifying potential. I’m sure you’ll agree though, this Del Sol certainly demonstrates how clean Honda’s can look with simple aesthetic parts, a well worked colour scheme, and a paint finish that’s easily one of the best I’ve seen amongst the Honda community; every little detail on this Del Sol takes hours to soak in, and they all come together to make, surely, one of, if not, the most unique Del Sol in the jdm scene.
DEL SOL PURP-8Starting off with the exterior, the front end has been given a bit of an OEM clean up by fitting the later 97 front bumper and the OEM jdm spec one piece headlights, moving the fog-lights lower down into the front bumper. This gives the car a slightly younger look and really smooths’ out the front end nicely; as subtle as this is, it really tidies up the front fascia, and the addition of the GReddy front lip just adds that little bit extra muscle to the Del Sol’s curves. Further major body parts include the Vis carbonfibre boot lid and carbonfibre bonnet complete with hood bra; quite unusual parts to see, at least in my experience, on a Del Sol but ones that add a distinct presence to the car while perfectly offsetting the stunning Custom Plum Crazy Purple Pearl Paint. The paint finish itself is quite something to behold; it’s definitely one of the cars’ best features with the Plum colour really coming alive in the sunlight with the gold fleck giving it that extra sparkle; it has to be said, the overall finish of the body and the engine bay is stunning. Further small details make up the rest of the exterior modifications; Oem mudguards are a small yet effective addition, clear lenses have been installed all round, a sick speed neo chrome bumper quick release has also been fitted while the gold BWR rear tow hook is one of the few remaining parts from the previous build.
DEL SOL PURP-11DEL SOL PURP-10Moving into the cabin, the car has what I like to call a “pseudo racing interior”, not a negative thing by any means, but simply meaning a track spec interior on what is clearly a road and show car. The first thing you’ll likely notice is the custom fabricated four point roll cage finished in dark metallic purple with gold fleck; a slight contrast to the exterior but one that adds a unique element to the car. Further adding to the track feel are the Status Ring bucket seats complete with Crow 3” 5pt harnesses in lavender; again these are designed for function but used here more for aesthetic and comfort, don’t believe anyone who tells you bucket seats aren’t more comfortable than your regular seats either, they’re lying, plus I’m sure you’ll agree they really do look good. Completing the main interior mods is the Sparco 310 steering wheel complete with Nrg short hub and Nrg quick release, further enhancing that race feel, but you may have noticed by now that they sit on the right side of the car. Yes, this Del Sol is actually US delivered but has had a right hand drive conversion for that extra bit of jdm feel; I’m from the UK so I’m used to right hand drive as the norm but I’m sure for a lot you guys that lust after “pure-bred” jdm cars, this is quite an interesting conversion.
DEL SOL PURP-14Moving back to the performance and aesthetic side of the car, Skunk2 parts are again on the agenda with their pro series coilovers’ fitted front and rear to seriously drop the car, and to add a bit of stance a pro series camber kit has been fitted to the front and rear further adding to the show appeal. With that being said though, this Del Sol has been stanced tastefully; I personally don’t like crazy negative camber and ridiculously stanced out cars, I prefer cars that drive hard not park hard, but with this Del Sol I think both can probably be achieved. The camber is very slight and this gives it show appeal while remaining usable to drive on the road, well, a very flat road, I’m sure it will scrape a just little. The front and rear corners themselves are filled by 15×8 Whistler Kr1 wheels finished in white with polished lips; these are beautifully dished, and it’s nice to see simple wheels used on a jdm car, the multispoke style is becoming slightly stale at the moment, particularly in the Honda scene, meanwhile the Sick speed neo chrome lug nuts really offset the white nicely.
DEL SOL PURP-5DEL SOL PURP-7The wheels themselves are wrapped in Nexen 175/50/15 tyres all around; Nexen generally provide tyres with good all round wet and dry grip and good ride quality, but considering Warren is in LA, dry grip is probably his only concern. Finishing off the performance upgrades, Rotor Works have provided cross/slotted rotors front and rear providing that extra stopping power to compensate for the power upgrades and for general braking confidence; this is actually a surprisingly overlooked and rather necessary upgrade, take note people.
DEL SOL PURP-13Warren’s Crx Del Sol then; it’s actually surprised me how much I’ve grown to love this car and admire all of the work and extensive detail lavished on it. Having seen so many Del Sols’ modified so badly over the years (google crx del sol if you want evidence of that) it’s very refreshing to see how good a Del Sol can look if you keep things simple; a beautifully worked colour scheme, a few simple body parts, a clean set of wheels and an engine bay that gleams with polished brightwork and attention to detail. It’s also nice to see something a bit different in the Honda scene; currently it’s quite cluttered with eg’s, ek’s and dc2′s, and stance in the Honda scene is becoming more and more popular, so to have something that strays from that is good to see. Overall though, Warren’s Del Sol is a testament to hard work, a clear vision and an eye for detail; a great build all round.

Words by: Callum MacHugh

Paint: Custom Plum Crazy Purple Pearl
Rhd converted
Shaved fire wall
Vis Oem C/f hood
Vis Oem C/f trunk
Jdm Oem 1 piece head lights
Oem hood bra
Oem mud gaurds
Custom Greddy front lip
97 Oem Del sol front bumper
Jdm Stanley clear side markers
Jdm Stanley clear bumper reflectors
Jdm rear garnish fillers ** not pictured**
Edm rear garnish ** not pictured**
Edm rear fog light ** not pictured**
sick speed neo chrome bumper quick release
sick speed fender washer kit
BWR rear tow hook (gold)

B16a3 (wire tucked)
AC autotechnic intake
Dc 4.2:1 stainless header
Megan exhaust
Custom 2 ½” Piping
Custom test pipe
Custom Polished Valve Cover
Skunk2 pro series intake manifold (Custom Polished)
Skunk2 Pro series 70mm throttle body
Skunk2 Reservoir covers
Skunk2 Cam seal
Bwr spark plug cover (polished)
Bwr aluminum radiator
Samco radiator hoses
Fal slim fan
Ngk spark plug wires
Ngk iridium sparkplugs
Password JDM radiator stay
Accel clear distributer cap
Moroso Remote battery posts
Sick speed neo chrome battery tie down
Sick speed neo chrome/purple washer kit
Sicks peed vtec solenoid cover
Sick speed oil cap
earls stainless hoses
Ha sport motor mounts
Walbro 255 fuel pump
B&M fuel press regulator
Rs type vtec controller
P28 ecu mugen program
Act street clutch kit
Act flywheel
Golden eagle oil dipstick

Custom 4pt roll cage (chameleon)
Camera mount
Custom blk tweed wrapped interrior
Status Ring seats x2
Sickspeed side mounting seat brackets
Sickspeed seat rails
Crow 3” 5pt harnesses x 2
Sparco 310 steering wheel
Nrg short hub
Nrg quick release
Zerg neochrome shift knob
Jdm sir gauge cluster
Jdm map light housing
SBL led map light bulbs
SBL Led dome light
SBL led gauge cluster bulbs


Pioneer Avh-x7500
Pioneer deq-9200 DSP
Kicker 09qs65 components (front)
Kicker 09qs65 components (rear)
Kicker zx750.1 mono block amp (sub)
Kicker Zx 350.4 (Components)
Kicker 12” Comp VR sub
Nesa 7” rearview mirror/monitor
Performance technique 0 gauge wiring kit
Performance technique 4 gauge wiring kit
Performance technique distribution block ( positive to engine fuse box )
Performance technique Fuse Block for (amps, 0 gauge to 4 gauge)
Performance technique 3 fared battery cap
Digital battery terminals

Wheels / Tires /Brakes/Suspension:

Skunk2 pro series coilovers
Skunk2 pro series front camber kit
Meagan front upper strut bar
15×8 Whistler Kr1 wheels (white)
Nexen 175/50/15 tires
Rotor works crossed/ slotted Rotors
Hawk Pads
Sick speed neo chrome lug nuts
Skunk2 pro series coil overs
skunk2 pro series camber kit
Bwr Lca (purple)
Asr sub frame brace (purple)
Breaks lower tie bar (gold)
15×8 whistler Kr1wheels (white)
Nexen 175/50/15 tires
Rotor works Cross/slotted rotors
Sick speed neo chrome lug nuts
Megan c pillar bar



  1. Billy brownskinian says:

    Thought the review was great. oodles of detail, i agree with so many things in the article
    ( also had to avert my gaze after seriously regretting my decision to google “modified del sol”
    I think warren has done a great job on this.
    Clean and Stealth. Nice work.