Wekeast Part 2 “Photo Coverage”

By 1 September, 2013 Event Coverage Comments


Function or Form… hmmm hard to really say which I’d prefer. In this  day and age the automotive culture is on a twisty road in the direction in which it is heading. Here in the east people are going for more wheel fitment, stance and bags, and thus alot of builds are executed in that manner. I recalled a few years back  the thought of seeing a subaru or even a mitsubishi on bags or any other awd cars that is better know for its performance background seems a bit taboo and just odd don’t you think?

However I try not to be bias in a way of thinking or to have a tunnel vision figuratively speaking and to keep an open mind. In this part 2 of the wekeast coverage you will see alot of subies and mitsus, alot of them are bagged out with crazy fitment. The stance-craze is very much alive here in the east and while some still argue Function > Form I guess it doesn’t hurt to see some V.I.P cars out of the ordinary.

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wekfest east-70

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